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Luxury Treatments

Vitality aromatherapy experience, 50 minutes — £65

A unique aromatherapy massage involving the use of pressure points to relieve stress and tension in the body. Using a wide range of essential oils the treatment can be individually designed for you.
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Three point massage, 50 minutes — £62

A concentrated treatment allowing for more time on those favourite areas that hold the most tension and provide the best relaxation (back, head and feet).
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Natural candle massage, 50 minutes — £62

A treatment designed for pure relaxation. A warm oil is applied to the body followed by slow gentle movements to massage it into the skin.
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Muscular tension release massage, 50 minutes — £68

A highly specialised treatment using ginger and black pepper essential oils to improve circulation and restore muscles whilst providing a sense of calmness.
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Heated bamboo massage, 50 minutes — £68

The perfect combination of muscular relief and relaxation using forearm techniques and heated bamboo sticks.
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Swedish massage, 50 minutes — £59

A traditional massage combining hand and forearm movements of medium pressure to relieve tension in the body and relax the mind.
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Serenity hot stone therapy, 80 minutes — £95

The combination of warm basalt stones used to massage the whole body and a soothing facial providing the mind and body with a deep state of relaxation.
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Uplifting hot stone therapy, 50 minutes — £63

A calming treatment combining the placement of warm basalt stones with a gentle massage to the back, legs, head, feet and hands.
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Head to toe treatment, 80 minutes — £92

The perfect treatment for pure relaxation involving a full body aromatherapy massage and an individually designed facial to enhance your mind, body and soul.
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Rejuvenating massage and facial, 50 minutes — £62

A treatment designed to work out the tension build up in the back neck and shoulders as well as to repair the damage to the skin caused by weather, stress and ingredients such as SLS.
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Personally designed facial, 50 minutes — £63

A specialised facial to restore and pamper the skin using the finest essential oils and plant extracts. Includes a décolleté, neck, face, arm, hand and scalp massage. Skin will be left beautifully radiant and muscles relaxed. Products will be personalised and selected for the result you desire.
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Healthy age repair facial, 85 minutes — £95

An intensely hydrating and repairing facial to promote healthy skin. Your skin will be left replenished and revitalised with a smooth, supple feel. This treatment incorporates several in-depth massage techniques to stimulate blood circulation to the surface of the skin and improve lymphatic drainage.
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Full body scrub and massage therapy, 80 minutes — £92

A full body exfoliation to soften and brighten the skin followed by a full body aromatherapy massage to relieve stress and tension in the body as well as hydrating the skin.
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Full body scrub and moisturise, 50 minutes — £62

A full body exfoliation to soften and brighten the skin followed by a full body moisturise to enhance the skin’s tone and texture whilst heightening the pampering experience.
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Reflexology, 50 minutes — £55

A hugely relaxing and beneficial treatment using hot mitts, lavender and chamomile powder, and our Sole Food Foot Nutrition. This treatment can help increase energy levels, improve circulation and prevent migraines.
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Cherished Lily Collection

Nurturing spirit, 50 minutes — £62

A soothing experience to calm both mother and child. Including the face, neck, shoulders, hands and feet. Tension is loosened, skin is nourished and a sense of tranquility is achieved. Perfect for mums-to-be in their third trimester; incorporating an exquisite blend of wild rose and geranium essential oils. (14 weeks+)
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Expectant mum massage, 50 minutes — £72

A relaxing back, neck and shoulder massage, gentle scalp massage and exfoliation of the hands and feet using pregnancy safe products. Neroli and mandarin help ease the effects of water retention and increase circulation resulting in a more restful nights sleep, whilst rosehip prevents and reduces the appearance of stretch marks. (14 weeks+)
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Blooming bliss, 80 minutes — £92

A treatment designed to enhance a mum-to-be's natural radiant glow. With a combination of a pedicure, facial and shoulder and neck massage, this pregnancy treatment will leave you feeling pampered, relaxed and utterly fabulous. Using ingredients such as almond, rosehip and grapefruit, you will be surrounded by delicious aromas leaving your skin fresh and smooth. (14 weeks+)
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Healing haven, 50 minutes. Available from 1st April. — £62

Created to help mums recover from their pregnancy and the birth itself. Including a mask for the stomach, massage, a facial and product application to the breasts to help with tenderness and to prevent/help with conditions like mastitis, this treatment is designed to comfort, renew and soothe new mums, using all natural products containing rose. (2 weeks+ following birth)
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Energise & restore, 50 minutes. Available from 1st April. — £60

Designed to help mums prepare their return to work and settle into normal day to day life following their maternity leave. This stimulating and invigorating treatment uses uplifting essential oils such as mandarin and lemongrass and includes plenty of massage as well as exfoliation. Feelings of sluggishness, fatigue and exhaustion will disappear, skin will be brightened and tension will be released. This is a truly invigorating and restorative experience. (12 weeks+ following birth)
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Express Treatments

Express scalp and neck massage, 20 minutes — £26

An express treatment designed to relieve tension and stress caused by constant hours in a sitting position for example at a desk or driving.
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Express back, neck and shoulder massage, 20 minutes — £32

A perfect way to relieve stress and tension whilst on the go or an ideal lunchtime treat.
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Express pick me up massage, 30 minutes — £42

A quick treatment of a medium pressure, designed to target the main muscle groups that build up the most tension, including the back, neck and shoulders, décolleté and scalp.
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Express facial and scalp massage, 30 minutes — £42

Ideal for those on the go and an introduction into facial therapy. The treatment includes a combination of cleansing, exfoliating and moisturising as well as a relaxing scalp massage.
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Express facial, 20 minutes — £32

Perfect for those who are looking for a quick revitalisation of their skin on a lunch break or in between appointments.
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Natural Beauty Treatments

Brow shape, 15 minutes — £20

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Brow shape and tint, 20 minutes — £30

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Exquisite hand or foot care, 30 minutes — £40

Lie back, relax and enjoy your hands or feet being thoroughly pampered and renewed. Using only natural, cruelty free products this treatment includes a scrub, massage, serum, file, buff and cuticle work. Designed to repair damage of the nails and skin, this treatment will not only leave your hands or feet feeling brand new, but your mind calmed.
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Indulgent hand or foot care, 60 minutes — £65

A highly luxurious and indulgent treatment for the hands or feet, a holistic take on manicures or pedicures. Using only plant based, cruelty free products, this treatment includes a scrub, massage, serum, file, buff, cuticle work, inhalation, scalp massage and a colour of your choice to achieve that elegant, glamorous finish as well as utter relaxation.
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Limited Edition Treatments

El Dorado, 90 minutes. Available until 30th June. — £98

Envelop yourself in the mystic wonder of this Wanderlust treatment. Begin this spiritual journey via a full body exfoliation with a brew of the finest Colombian coffee beans infused with intoxicating, antioxident rich green cardamom and bitter chocolate. Enjoy warm oil being drizzled over your skin, full of the subtle sweetness of the cacao bean whilst indulging in a full body massage. Follow this up with a facial in which the regenerative powers of the organic avocado oil will feed your face and neck with vitamins and minerals. Completed with the luxury of our pearl & gold face mask.
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Ocean Pearl, 80 minutes. Available until 31st August. — £93

Bursting with coconut, guarana, eucalyptus and acerola cherry, this treatment is an utterly luxurious indulgence. Experience a blissful blend of aromatic delights whilst your body is polished, purified, and pampered with the addition of a heavenly facial. Targeting concerns of cellulite, sluggishness, dull skin, and fatigued muscles. Following this sumptuous treatment, you will feel like you are floating in the crystal clear waters of the Bahamas. Everyone deserves a taste of luxury, so why not treat yourself to a little dose of exotic heaven.
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Exotic Horizon, 50 minutes. Available until 30th September. — £72

Designed to transport you to a remote paradise, stimulating all your senses while your skin is replenished and your body detoxified and uplifted. Incorporating a full body massage; experience water gently trickling over your skin, muscle loosening and stretching. Boosting your lymphatic system with products packed full of antioxidants. Bergamot, black tea, and mandarin essential oils are used throughout this heavenly treatment.
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